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AMKOR utilizes a six step collaborative process to ensure that the company, the client and the candidate are completely satisfied and confident that the right selection has been made.

In order to facilitate a successful result, AMKOR utilizes a unique collaborative process to ensure that the company, the client and the candidate are completely satisfied and confident that the right selection has been made.

The Six Step Collaborative process that AMKOR engages is as follows:

  1. Discovery: Partnering for Success
  2. Candidate Generation: Confidence in People
  3. Assessment: Focusing on Success
  4. Recommendations: Providing Insight
  5. Interviewing and Facilitation: Ensuring Due Diligence
  6. Successful Offer and Acceptance: Committed to Building Relationships

Discovery: Partnering for Success

An understanding of all critical factors relevant to the position is acquired by conducting detailed discussions with key management, search team members and other identified sources. These discussions provide an opportunity to appreciate the business strategy and the culture of the organization and also the expectations in terms of competencies, attributes and performance of the successful candidate. At the conclusion of this phase, a Position and Person Profile is developed and approved by the selection team. This is the key document used as the primary communication venue to approach, solicit and attract potential candidates.

Candidate Generation: Confidence in People

The objective is to generate a high quality candidate pool. Potential candidates for the position are identified during this phase of the assignment. There are four steps to this process.

Step 1:
There is a discussion with the client to benchmark organizations where the key leadership individuals have demonstrated comparable skills and competencies.
Step 2:
In discussion with the client and in consideration of the market we jointly determine the marketing or advertising strategy that would be most successful.
Step 3:
A concentrated initiative is centered on networking or direct contact. This is where having a search professional who is well known in the industry or has direct credibility in the role makes a significant difference.
Step 4:
A search is conducted which includes current candidates in the AMKOR databases, approximately three thousand five hundred, qualified and referenced individuals. We also use a number of high profile and economical mediums such as MBA alumni, professional organization websites, and other professional networks and databases to ensure all reasonable and related sources are investigated.

Assessment: Focusing on Success

Motivated and competent candidates are personally interviewed and assessed for suitability, screened to provide an assessment of personal attributes, qualities, professional qualifications, competencies, previous experience and potential fit.

Recommendations: Providing Insight

A confidential report is provided on each short listed candidate. These reports are confidential to the selection committee.

Interviewing and Facilitation: Ensuring Due Diligence

The Search Team may desire assistance in organizing the interview and facilitating the assessment of candidates. This service will be provided in accordance to the preference of the hiring leader. Development of behavioural based questions, tours of the organization’s facilities, opportunities for second and third level interviews at the request of the Search Team will all be coordinated by the search consultant if required.

Successful Offer and Acceptance: Committed to Building Relationships

Once a candidate has been selected, the search professional can assist with both drafting the letter of offer and facilitating the offer discussion. Details of compensation, start date, key accountabilities and reporting relationship are essential issues to be agreed to prior to sign off.

At AMKOR we recognize the importance of initiating timely interaction with all candidates, both successful and not, to express gratitude for their time and interest during the search experience. Our diligence in providing all candidates with specific feedback is we what we believe at AMKOR sets us apart from other executive search companies.

Confidence in the Successful Candidate and Guarantee

Although it is impossible to guarantee performance, we will stand behind the quality of the candidates presented and specifically the individual selected. If the successful candidate should leave, for any reason, within the first 12-month period, a second search at no additional professional fee will be undertaken providing the profile has not been changed.

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