The AMKOR GroupDriving your success in accessing, developing and sustaining leadership excellence.

Executive Search drives your success in accessing, developing and sustaining leadership excellence.

At AMKOR we believe that the most critical step in the search process is ensuring there is a solid and mutual understanding of the position, reporting structure, organization design, culture, accountabilities and responsibilities, both short and long term, impacting the successful candidate. Validating and documenting this understanding ensures the selection team and search professional are aligned and can successfully proceed to target the market to attract individuals possessing the necessary experience, skills, and attributes to take on the challenges of the position.

In order to facilitate a successful result, AMKOR utilizes a six step collaborative process to ensure that the company, the client and the candidate are completely satisfied and confident that the right selection has been made.

The Six Step Collaborative process that AMKOR engages is as follows:

  1. Discovery: Partnering for Success
  2. Candidate Generation: Confidence in People
  3. Assessment: Focusing on Success
  4. Recommendations: Providing Insight
  5. Interviewing and Facilitation: Ensuring Due Diligence
  6. Successful Offer and Acceptance: Committed to Building Relationships

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